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Every day there are thousands of people suffering from pain.  Pain that in many cases is debilitating.  With over 40% of Americans suffering from ongoing pain, a loss of an estimated $300 billion annually in lost productivity, ad an estimated 2 million people currently addicted to opioid pain medication, our current model in the treatment of pain can reasonably be considered broken. Yet, with all of this, the majority are still not informed about Regenerative Medicine, options for non-surgical repair of orthopedic pain conditions.  From knee pain to neck pain, to low back pain, exploring Regenerative Medicine as a treatment option is in your best interest.  

Dr. Logan shares how and why Regenerative Injection Techniques may be right for the treatment of your pain.  She explores the innate healing ability encompassed in your body and how tapping into the immune system may heal your injury.  It's time to put away the "band-aid" treatments and learn about safe and effective non-surgical treatments.  

In this book, you will hear cases from real patients and their success in reclaiming their pain-free lives.

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